The Importance of Proper Trees Trimming Services

 Many people think that trimming is nothing more than just removing a few branches every now and then. Well, there is more to proper tree service than that. Although you may be able to perform a few tree care tasks on your own, the risks you put yourself and your trees to are simply too high to even try. That’s why hiring a reputable tree company is the best approach when it comes to taking care of your trees.

 Reasons to Trim a Tree

Health. Perhaps the biggest benefit of proper trees trimming is increased health. By thinning the crown of the tree, the tree contractor ensures a proper airflow so that the tree can develop properly. Regular trimming also protects the tree from diseases caused by branches that are crossing and rubbing together. You can also save a seriously damaged tree by strategically removing the affected limbs and branches.

 Safety. When branches and limbs grow too close to utility lines, roofs or home walls, they will have to be removed. But because the process often involves climbing ladders and using dangerous machines, it is highly recommended you hire a professional tree company for the task. The reasons become even more obvious when you need tree removal.

 Aesthetics. There is nothing more beautiful than a well-maintained property, and this involves tree trimming. However, trimming a tree for aesthetic purposes requires special training and equipment. This you can have only if you hire a true tree service provider.

 General Tree Trimming Tips

  • Never remove a branch or limb that is more than three inches in diameter without professional assistance;
  • Trees must be pruned and trimmed only in the dormant season;
  • Never cut too close to the branch collar;
  • Trim branches when they are young.

 If all this seems too complicated, consider hiring a reputable tree company and have them do the heavy work for you. Votaw Tree Svc Inc offers trimming and pruning services in Brentwood MO. If you’re interested in our services, feel free to contact us at (314) 961-4766.